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Not Facebook and not any other internet service provider has the right to disable or cancel unilaterally a personal account where communication material and personal data are storage in the person’s account.
At the time there is all the technology and means to monitor and control what the subscribers are downloading and importing into their account and can be stopped from any misuse of the rules, why instead methodically facebook and any other internet provider taking this harsh and abusive method of disabling personal accounts and depriving humans from their undeniable right to communication with people of their life and also been deprived from having access to their own personal data and valuable documents…
People are falling into facebook promotional offer and opting to join, abandoning other internet programs and habits, In order to venture facebook promotional offer and by doing so, they are becoming vulnerable in to the hands of these arrogant people named; facebook Team, who they have no education in Human relations and thinking that they own the souls of the people who are supporting them.
We are living in a free civilize society and no body is above the constitution and the laws of the Country we live.
In my opinion this disabling action and practice is abusive, outdated unethical, unsocial and greatly disturbing!!!,
This kind of practice belong to third world countries and not to the North America where is based facebook. This is an Insult to the American Liberty Symbol and to the Whole Civilize free world!!!
Also is against to the facebook slogan that; facebook helps you connect and share with the people of your life!!!
Therefore, I Would like to see facebook Team before the Canadian or American and or European courts for abusively disabling personal accounts and depriving people from their undeniable right to communicate and having access to their own personal data!!!
Modesto Glykis
Montreal-Laval, Quebec.Canada

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