The BOBs!

I’ve been paying attention to the BOBs (Best of Blog Awards) since 2007, when I wrote this Global Voices post summing up the winners. Considered the most prestigious of the blogosphere’s many awards, the BOBs are sponsored by Deutsche Welle, and past winners include worthy projects Alive in Baghdad, Generacion Y, and of course, Global Voices Online.

This year is proving to be an extra-special BOBs for me, as two projects in which I am deeply involved have made it to the final round: Herdict is nominated in the Reporters Without Borders category, and Talk Morocco, which I co-founded last summer with Hisham Khribchi is nominated in the Best English blogs category.

Herdict, as you may well know, is a crowdsourcing initiative founded at the Berkman Center, that aims to collect data on Internet filtering (blocking) around the world. Our blog, co-written by me, Laura Miyakawa, and a few good volunteers, covers stories of Internet filtering globally. Talk Morocco, on the other hand, is a project Hisham and I formed in an attempt to fill a gap; that is, Anglophone Moroccophiles often find themselves at a loss when hunting down news and opinion on the country…Talk Morocco fills that gap by offering intelligent essays on a different subject each month, with contributions from Moroccans and foreigners in English, French, and Arabic (all translated into English, of course).

So, care to vote? If so, head over to this link. Once there, select your choice from the list on the right, then click the voting button. You’ll need to do this for each category. Once you’re finished, head to the bottom of the page, fill out the required info, then submit your vote!

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