Christmas Shopping 2.0

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas shopping.  Most years, I’ve done a combination of online and offline shopping, buying items from favorite sites such as and etsy, and stores in my neighborhood.  Last year, I even did Black Friday shopping, trying the tradition of getting up at 4 am (it was fun for a couple hours, I crashed around 1 pm).

But this year, my heart hasn’t been in it – not the holiday spirit itself, I’m always psyched for Christmas – rather, the shopping craze.  I spent 20 minutes getting pushed around in a TJ Maxx today, by ruthless shoppers and inconsiderate salespeople.  One particularly rude woman pushing a shopping cart actually told me to “get out of [her] damn way.”  By the time I got in line, the line had grown to about 30 people long.  I dropped my basket of items and got the hell out.

Rampant consumerism just ain’t my thing.  I know what I want to buy for my nearest and dearest and it can be accomplished entirely online, often more cheaply and effectively.  And so this year, I initiate my own Christmas Shopping 2.0 experiment to see if I can get all of my shopping done online between now and tomorrow evening, and have all of the items arrive in one piece and on time.

Christmas shopping, commence!

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Maybe I should do it like you… I get to hate this consumerist behaviour around christmas more and more. Everytime I see all the people rushing to get something bigger, better and more expensive I want to puke. They’re on Amazon, too, of course – but at least one doesn’t see them ;-)

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