Facebook Zionism?

As I mentioned on KABOBfest this morning, I was unable to post this story from Haaretz on Facebook due to the fact that, apparently, users found the content offensive.


Oh, really? They found Rahm Emanuel’s apology to the ADC for his father’s digusting remarks about Arabs offensive?

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That’s why I’ve just written a post on the necessity to have decentralized social networks.
Facebook will always censor. Because most of its users want some things to be censored. And in the end it results in something like that. I find it rather ironic that an article on a positive move by Emanuel gets censored because of the outrage produced by articles on his negative history…

It seems that I may have spoken maturely…others are having problems posting other links right now – seems like Facebook’s error messages are out of control…or are they?

You guys are totally right.
i just do not know why people like centralized staff where they congregate is an international virtual crowd big without any real interaction. facebook has many good things to offer. not the ones we can think about here. to censure a journalist because the content might offend is just ridiculous. what is the offense? Hyperlinks are crimes then? so where is the HTML Guantanamo?
we all remember when the “more mature” woman told McCain that Obama is an arab that’s why she does not trust him. he said no he is a respectful man. which means that an arab is never respectful. as long as Mr.Obama is not Arab then he is clean. so being other than what is a the right way to be.
Jill, dictatorship is moving to the corporations virtually faster. and Facebook is becoming a huge empire. is has more power than the old British Emp. we should not be surprised if the rules are oppression , dehumanization and censorship.
thank you for a great post.
keep it up.

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