On Humility

For days, I’ve tried to come up with something to write about, in order to bump off that horrendous dead liveblog sitting in the middle of my blog.  I thought about posting on Rahm Emanuel, but another blogger already said more than I possibly could (if you follow that link, know that while I don’t agree 100% on all of her stances, her take on Emanuel is spot-on).  I thought about discussing the filtered Internet in Turkey, or the recent case of Yassine Belassal in Morocco, but both have been done, and better than I could possibly do them.

And then last night I got a phone call from a friend, normally halfway around the world, now simply a continent away.  Said friend is entirely alone in another country, and while it’s normally a great place to be, is there under rather horrific circumstances.  I will hopefully write about his ordeal, but would rather get a chance to speak more with him first, make sure that I don’t say too much, something wrong.

So I have my story, so to speak, but for once in my life feel too humbled to write.

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Jillian and Moonymoon,

I know exactly what you mean.

There are days where I have mental blanks with nothing to write, and other days where I have so many things to say and so few hours to get it all said.

And it’s true, without the financial backing, it’s hard to stay motivated. I’m trying to work out a balance, a few weeks at some random temp job to keep the money flowing, and a few weeks writing, writing, writing.

But I love the freedom of blogging. I don’t know if I could be a full-time journalist for a newspaper that restricts your ability to say as you please. I love the bluntness of blogging, and I guess that’s what makes it such a successful phenomenon.

I understand both of you on this one…I love the freedom of blogging as well, but it often takes the backburner to my other, paid gigs as a writer. Unfortunately, while I never take writing jobs that aren’t interesting to me, some of them are daunting, or simply too difficult to be enjoyable. Here, I can write as I wish.

Antoun, same problem here – as much as I’d love to be a full-time journalist for many reasons, for so many others I doubt I ever will.

@ Antoun Issa

“I’m trying to work out a balance, a few weeks at some random temp job to keep the money flowing, and a few weeks writing, writing, writing.”
Good luck to you.

@ Jillian

“for so many others I doubt I ever will.”

But you’re still too young, and you’re in the United States that brought Obama to the Oval Office. Who knows? The guy here perdicts that many newspapers will just end up closing down. Blogging gives talented journalists & bloggers much of a chance.

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