The joke that is…Sarah Palin

I haven’t much felt like writing, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I am absolutely appalled at John McCain’s choice of vice presidential candidate.  Although there’s never been any doubt that I’m voting for Barack Obama (except for a brief dalliance with Mike Gravel), I’d respected McCain much more than G.W. and even sort of liked his personality despite disagreeing with his politics.

But this is going too far.  Sarah Palin is barely fit for her current position, nevermind the White House.  She’s a mother of five who pays more attention to her political career than her children, as evidenced by both the fact that she took an eight hour flight while in labor and by the fact that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant.  And to add insult to injury, she’s a former beauty queen! Perhaps she’d fit in better in Hollywood than D.C., given those qualifications.

Regardless of Palin’s qualifications (or lack thereof), what’s most vomit-inducing is the fact that McCain actually thinks a stunt like this will somehow impress the American public and get them to vote for him (and he may very well be right, in which case confirming my belief that the American public are idiots).  Sure, Obama’s been accused of the same – choosing Biden to lend credibility to himself and the fact that he’s often criticized for inexperience.  The difference, however, is that Biden is an actual politician.  Sarah Palin is a joke.

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Oh come on, we all know Sarah Palin was elected Governor of Alaska by about 100,000 votes, give or take a few Ititarod dogs. She may be a joke but she did get to the corner office of the northwestern corner of the country.

Wow. She beat out a guy with only an AA degree and Tony Knowles, the former Alaska governor (from ’94-’02), whom people must simply have been sick of (he wasn’t elected in ’02 either).

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