UPDATE: Thanks to your help, I’ve reached my goal!  For more Friedman fun, please read my Definitive Collection of Thomas Friedman Takedowns.

You couldn’t begin to imagine my horror excitement when I received an invite to the Friedman Forum in San Francisco on June 20. My heart sank skipped a few beats and my eyes welled up brightened at the thought of such a wonderful and prestigious event wherein I can troll ask Friedman questions and rub elbows with a group of brownnosers elite thought leaders.

The catch? It costs $500.

Thanks to the generosity of a few lovely individuals that I have never met (true story) as well as a couple that I have, I have thus far raised approximately $150 toward my goal of $500. I have matching pledges for more. But I need you to help send me to this wonderful event so that I can mock praise Thomas Friedman in the flesh for his wonderful insights over the years.

Please, donate today: