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Writing count 2012

I counted my words last year (though I can’t find the post), and I will this year as well. When I think about the fact that, in addition to those counted below, I also tweet like a crazy person and write a few dozen emails a day, I thank the powers that be that I don’t have carpal tunnel. And now, without further ado:

66 EFF blog posts (estimated 600 words per post = 39,600)
51 published articles (est. 1,200/p = 61,200)
58 posts to this here blog (est. 500/p = 29,000)
2 book chapters (est. 5,000/p = 10,000) + 8 encyclopedia entries (10,000)
1 work-in-progress (est. 15,000)

…which is significantly less than last year and only about 500 per day. alas.

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  1. Coolio! Are you planning to write more this year? I don’t write advocacy, or anything regularly, but I am considering starting a beat for OaklandLocal. Now I am going to obsess over the word count! ^_^

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