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Month: March 2013



Last Friday, Creative Commons, Wikimedia, and EFF hosted a small gathering in honor of our friend, Bassel (Safadi) Khartabil, who remains in prison in Syria a year after his arrest. The event, one of many held the world over, was intended in solidarity, and to draw attention not only to Bassel’s plight, but the plight of so many other Syrians being held without cause. I was particularly honored that my friend Usamah Mohamed was able to drop by; that’s him in the front center, and I’m joined by my EFF colleagues Danny O’Brien and Maira Sutton. The other folks—if not CCers or Wikimedians, or, y’know, babies—are concerned friends of the community.

The New Jim Crow

Could someone please explain to me how, amidst the unveiling of a Rosa Parks statue in the US and a planned Obama trip to Israel to speak about “shared values,” this is acceptable? How is this anything but racial segregation? They talk about safety, but last I checked, the settlers were armed with both rocks and heavy weaponry. They talk about security, but last I checked, it was the inequality perpetrated by the stronger, militarized state that created such an imbalance.

It wasn’t okay in 1964, and it’s not okay in 2013. It wasn’t okay in Montgomery, and it’s not okay in Jerusalem.

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