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For quite some time, I’ve been a big fan of zunguzungu’s Sunday Reading lists. Thus, in homage, and because flattery is the sincerest form of compliment, I too shall start flooding your RSS, so to speak, with recommendations–or merely a record–of reads. (This will also, I should note, help ensure that I stop owing money to my Iron Blogger overlords).

The al-Assad regime’s surveillance of telecommunications–cell phones, text messages, email, and Internet traffic–is remarkably extensive. Using equipment built in the West by companies such as BlueCoat, the Syrian government censors the Internet, blocks websites, and snoops on traffic using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

Like so many present-day thought leaders, THNK believes that we are living in an era of accelerating change; that our technologies are moving our lives and bodies beyond our physical evolution’s capacity to keep up with the changes; that resources of all types are depleting faster than our political systems’ ability to address the losses; and that our education systems don’t help students prepare for these new realities

Liberals who make the one-state argument are calling for equal rights for everyone. For many, two-states would have been the ideal outcome—but the Israelis aborted Palestine. Now the recognition that apartheid is morally reprehensible has developed into support for the one-state solution.

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