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Words from Tahrir Square

I was just listening to Al Jazeera and heard a familiar voice: @monasosh aka Mona Seif, sister of my friend Alaa Abd El Fattah; though I’ve never met her, I know her voice from a @Speak2Tweet message sent just two days ago, in which she sounded optimistic.  Now, on Al Jazeera, you can hear the tears and desperation through her voice.  

(Note: the interview was recently put up on YouTube, I’ve added it below):

I only managed to jot down a few pieces of what she said, but here it is:

If everyone is so concerned, why is Mubarak still there and we’re losing people every minute?

When asked, “What would you like to say to the world?”

We are not leaving this place. There are only two options for the world: Either they stick to mubarak and his regime and we lose thousands of people in this square and it goes from Liberation Square to Massacre Square. Or, they say no to mubarak’s regime and give people here a chance at a real life.

She was then asked who was in the crowds. Her response:

A lot of them are teenage kids, very few of them are older than 25. It’s astonishing but it really is sad because we know this can be avoided and they don’t have to waste their lives.

The presenter then asked if she was reassured by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s earlier words that the violence from the pro-Mubarak side was shocking. Mona responded:

Not really, this is the same hilary clinton who a week ago said mubarak’s country is stable. What would be assuring is for me to hear that Mubarak is about to give an urgent speech and say he is leaving.

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  1. Mona Seif

    i have given my life experience to security of life and safety.
    Here in Vancouver we have a dark side of homeless and people sick, of drugs and alcohol.
    What i say , pales by what you and youth are faced with in Egypt.

    Your Old men in power are reluctant to realize, that their time of governorship is up , failed, and is no longer wanted:
    This interlocular electronic age ” a word in the making ” is showing that “People” want an elected voice “genuine of action” for an inclusive comprehensive government.

    Complex, Dirty, self serving government “with a dirty connected history” is what your revolution is about. To give way for democratic reform; for inclusiveness and a self resourceful Egypt with prosperity.

    I honour you Mona Seif, you give a voice for woman, and like i, you give a voice for the respect and treasure of life. “rtg” yvr.ca

  2. Thanks Jillian. I have been thinking about the contrast between Mona’s message 2 days ago and this interview. Of some comfort that I am not alone in thinking about her.

  3. Mona Seif is a true pioneer and hero.

  4. Indeed, people like her make a HUGE difference.

  5. To put a face: To the Voices, we “internet people” hear:


    Egypt’s health Minister, reports 5 deaths ‘by stoning” but you can listen to this:


  6. They are trying to “float” the idea of Suleiman replacing Mubarak to see the reaction by the protesters…that dog isn’t gonna hunt either. The protesters must include all of Mubarak’s influential power hungry cronies.

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