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Blog Action Day ’09: Climate Change

This is (I think) the third time I’ve participated in Blog Action Day. In 2007, the theme was Environment, in 2008 it was Poverty, and this year, it’s Climate Change.

The topic creates a nice coincidence for me: for the past month or so, I’ve been working with Global Voices on a mentoring project with Global Change and have had the opportunity – no, the privilege – of mentoring my now friend Edith on her blog, Be The Change!. Edith is from Zimbabwe and works with Environment Africa, an organization that is working toward raising environmental awareness in all sectors of society. Edith is passionate about the role of youth in environmental education, and is working on blogging to that end. It’s been an awesome experience to share my blogging knowledge with a new blogger, but especially with a new blogger who has such a sense of purpose (I chalk it up to the fact that like me, Edith is a Taurus).

To that end, I would like to remind people of Edith’s blog title: Be The Change. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Make your own way.

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