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BREAKING NEWS: Fox News Annexes Iraq


As if Fox News didn’t distort the truth enough, now they’ve annexed Iraq too!  If they had labeled Egypt, I wonder what they might have called it…Morocco?  Seriously though, why is Fox making its own maps anyway?  Don’t they have people for that?  People who are not conservative idiots with no knowledge of the Middle East, perhaps?

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  1. No, this is an accurate pre-2003 map. Back in the glory days, when America had a real President (a stand up kinda guy), it wasn’t even CALLED Iraq. See how much the invasion improved the place.

    And anyway ‘Iraq’, as far as Fox News corrs are concerned, only exists within the protective comfort blanket of the Green Zone. I mean, they never report from anywhere else.

    Fair and balanced, Jillian, fair and balanced.

  2. The only thing that annoys the hell out of me more than Fox News is the people who watch it!
    Stupidity spreads by osmosis!

  3. Jillian- I see that this was posted both at KABOBfest and Global Voices Online, and I am happy to have found your blog too. Great post. But could you include a link to the original media? Thanks?

  4. Meant “Thanks!”

  5. Meant to say “Thanks!”

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