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I’m #30!

Apparently, my current blog ranks #30 in the top 30 Moroccan blogs…this is cool, given the fact that I’m a) not Moroccan and b) don’t write about Morocco very often.  According to blogger Agharass [fr], who founded the fantastic new North Africa search engine Berberus, the rankings are based on incoming and outgoing links within blogs classified as “Moroccan” (so, my blog is classified as such for the purposes of Berberus; although I’m not the only non-Moroccan classified as such, however, I’m the only one in the top 30!)

If you haven’t checked out Berberus.com yet, you ought to.  It’s a fantastic way of finding North African blogs on any subject!

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  1. you have escaped beautiful! 30 arrived in the position it’s not bad for a blog qi rarely spoke of the Moroccan news!

    bik mrehba good but as they say in Morocco

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