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Globalization: A Silly* Post

This keffiyeh?

Made in Korea!

Also, in the name of all that is Silly, I would like to share (even though she said I shouldn’t, because you will make fun of me) that Solanasaurus and I (and others) are going to Dinosaurs Live! on August 2.  You do not know my excitement.

*I am silly because she is.

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  1. random comment – just wanted to say how much I loved your hookah guide – super useful and very entertaining. Your tone is excellent.

  2. Thanks Maryam! I had so much fun with that :)

  3. silly is gooood. silly is funnnnyyy. silly is not boringggg. me like silly :p

  4. Shhh, Jillian. They don’t understand :-)

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