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Oh, my new friends.

I’ve always said that the hardest part of growing up is leaving friends behind – or, in my circle, leaving friends all over the world, so to speak. In this particular instance, the Global Voices Summit, I found it particularly hard to “leave behind” the wonderful new friends I’ve made. As I sat last night in the Novotel lobby with Sofia and Amira, I couldn’t help but notice how empty it felt, devoid of the Global Voices liveliness. A veritable ghost of GV Summit now passed.

And now, as I sit here with Daniel Duende in the California Coffee Company in Pest, responding to GV e-mails, writing GV posts, and reading blogs of GVers, I realize that I am with you all, and you with me, even if we are halfway around the world from one another. From friends farthest away…

…to those I could reach in four to six hours by car…

…to those with whom I share a city…

…to the dancers…

…the drinkers….

…to each and every one of you…

…I raise an invisible plate in the spirit of love, harmony, humanity, and GV!

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  1. Jillian, we all love your energy and your smile…and your dance…and your songs…and everything!! Besides the plate, don’t forget to pour your drinks! :)

  2. We love you too! See you in Boston before you know it.

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