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Jillian C. York is a writer and activist.


I can be reached at [please choose ONE]:

Email: jillian@eff.org, jilliancyork@riseup.net
PGP fingerprint: 4F18 DEA5 5A04 C62E 9516 2964 8290 C161 73B0 8812

On Twitter, I am @jilliancyork.

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  1. Hi Jillian,

    Not sure how/when I started following you, I just know that I have followed you for a while. While I sometimes disagree with you I have always respected you and your opinions on twitter. I had a question for you, I did not ask on twitter because I did not want to start an issue with random people on the internet.

    I have read that Hamas has shot over 1000 rockets into Israel recently. My question for you is do you think the Palestinian people would be better off if Hamas used the money on helping their people instead on buying rockets. Of course this is under the assumption that they are buying them from somewhere. It would also eliminate the excuse used by Israel for bombing and going in with troops on the ground.

    Feel free to ignore the question, you probably do not have time to answer all questions. But just wanted to send that to you.


    • Hi Randy,

      First off – most often Hamas’s rockets are homemade, not purchased. Israel’s siege on Gaza means even simple foodstuffs are often banned, so rockets would be nearly impossible to get through (although materials are often smuggled through tunnels).

      Second – Hamas campaigned on a platform of providing people services, and like it or not, they did. It’s hard for me to say whether Gazans would be better off. Without Hamas, they would still be occupied by Israel, but would likely not be massacred in this way. So, would remaining trapped in a cage be “better”? I don’t really feel like I can answer that. I fucking hate Hamas, but I’m not the one who has to live there. I’m not the one who made that vote.

      The point is: With or without Hamas, Israel is still the occupier, the oppressor.

  2. Hi Jillian,

    Would you please consider asking your web host to turn on HTTPS for your site?

    A fan

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