Upcoming talks:
11/25-27: Arab IGF, Beirut
3/13-17: SXSW


Photo by Wolf Brüning. CC BY 2.0.

re:publica XII.  Photo by Wolf Brüning. CC BY 2.0.

Past talks:

11/17-19: Privacy, security and surveillance: tackling dilemmas and dangers in the digital realm, Wilton Park, Sussex, UK
11/15: ORGCon, London
10/17: Konferenz: Das ist Netzpolitik!, Berlin
10/15-16: Future Places Festival, Porto
10/10: Internet Governance. Actors, Technology, Content, Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, Berlin.
9/26-29: Freedom Not Fear, Brussels
9/17: Colloquium: 60 Years of CERN – 60 Years of Science for Peace, Geneva
7/25: Castan Centre Human Rights Conference: Melbourne, Australia
7/24: A conversation with Bernard Keane and Electronic Frontiers Australia, Electron Workshop, Melbourne, Australia
7/22: “Unfriended? Social media companies and government censorship in times of violence,” Australia National University, Canberra, Australia
6/22-24: MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference, “Surveillance and the Open Internet” (video)
6/5-6: Personal Democracy Forum: New York City
5/28: Stockholm Internet Forum: Stockholm, Sweden
5/3-5: “Let’s Talk About Sex Baby, Let’s Talk About PGP“, re:publica: Berlin, Germany (video); bonus panel (video)
4/30-5/5: International Journalism Festival: Perugia, Italy
4/28-29: Freedom Online Coalition meeting: Tallinn, Estonia
3/10-12: The East/West Center’s “Challenges of a Free Press“: Yangon, Myanmar
2/25: Phare: Ghent, Belgium
2/5: Reporting in the Age of Eavesdropping: UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, Berkeley, CA
1/28: “Why Privacy Matters,” Birzeit University, Palestine (video)
1/20-23: Arabloggers Summit: Amman, Jordan

12/7: “Whatever Happened to Privacy?“: Berlin, Germany
11/15-16: McGill University International Colloquium: The Participatory Condition, Montreal, Canada
11/6: MIT Media Lab Conversation Series (videoliveblog)
10/22: Arizona State University, Debate on the Right to Online Anonymity (video)
10/25-27: Ideas City, São Paulo, Brazil
8/7: Digitale Gesellschaft/c-base (Berlin)
7/31-8/4: OHM 2013 (Netherlands)
7/18-20: SHARE Boat Camp (Rijeka, Croatia)
6/17-18: Freedom Online Conference (Tunis, Tunisia)
6/7: TEDxPoynter (video) (St. Petersburg, FL)
5/22-23: Stockholm Internet Freedom for Global Development Conference
5/19-21: IPI World Congress: Documenting Change/Empowering Media (Amman, Jordan)
5/13-18: European University Institute Summer School (Florence, Italy)
5/6-8: re:publica (video 1; video 2) (Berlin, Germany)
4/27: New Media, New Politics? (Post-) Revolutions in Theory and Practice (audio) (London, UK)
4/8-9: The Internet and New Media in Democracy Promotion (Bonn, Germany)
3/30: Social Media and Freedom of Expression Conference (Istanbul, Turkey)
3/21-24: Keynote, Energize, Mobilize, Polarize! (Berlin, Germany)
3/12: Cryptowars Déjà Vu: Controlling Exports of Tech, SXSW (Austin, TX)
3/5: The Internet and Africa: What is at Stake? – Co-sponsored by the US Mission and ISOC (Geneva, Switzerland)
2/14-15: Internet 2013: Shaping policies to advance media freedom (Vienna, Austria)
2/25-26 Advancing Internet Policy in the Digital Age (Cairo, Egypt)


12/12: Freedom of Expression and Human Rights: Why Speech Isn’t Free, Yet (Florence, Italy)
12/5: Mitigating DDoS Attacks: Best Practices for an Evolving Landscape (NYC)
11/9-11: Mozilla Festival, London, UK
11/6-9: Internet Governance Forum, Baku, Azerbaijan
10/24-28: Impakt Festival, Utrecht, Netherlands
10/22-23: Keynote, Internet Dagarna, .SE – Stockholm, Sweden + panel on national threats to free expression online
10/9: Strasbourg World Forum for Democracy, “Media responsibility and potential to foster democracy”
9/13-14: Internet and Human Rights: Building a free, open, and secure Internet (invitation only) – Berlin, Germany
7/2-3: Global Voices Summit 2012 – Nairobi, Kenya
6/14: Global Network Initiative 2012 Learning Forum – Washington, DC
6/11: Citizen Empowerment Against Censorship – Madrid, Spain
5/31-6/1: RightsCon Rio – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
5/20-21: Austin Forum on Journalism in the Americas, Austin, TX
5/1-4: re:publica, Berlin
4/18-19: Stockholm Internet Forum
4/3-4: West Virginia University’s Festival of Ideas: “The Revolution Will Be Tweeted: Social Media and Free Speech in the Middle East”
3/27: Having Your Say Online: The People’s Voice in Authoritarian Contexts, Georgetown University
3/29: Google Big Tent Event on Digital Citizenship, panel: “The Modern Town Square: Encouraging Civil Discourse Online”, Mountainview, CA
3/31: International Studies Association: “New Media and Foreign Policy” working group, San Diego, CA
4/1: Yale Law School Conference on Global Censorship, New Haven, CT
3/18-19: Cyber Dialogue Forum, Toronto, Canada
3/11: SXSW Panel: “How to Run a Social Site and Not Get Users Killed,” Austin, TX, USA
2/23: Stanford University’s Liberation Technology Seminar Series
2/14: World Affairs Council, along with Rebecca MacKinnon: Examining Online Rights and Freedoms, San Francisco, CA (video)
2/1: Anonymity on the Internet: A Necessary Evil? Onassis Cultural Center, Athens, Greece
1/25: Jan25 A Year Later (Columbia Journalism School)
1/18: Yahoo! Change Your World Summit, Cairo, Egypt

Photo: Anja Pietsch/re:publica. CC BY 2.0.



12/4-6: PalConnect, Ramallah
11/17: With Evgeny Morozov at UC Berkeley/Dissent Magazine
11/10: Munk School of Global Affairs (video)
11/9: Stanford Law School (open to students only)
11/2: Columbia University Event on Free Expression, Istanbul, Turkey
10/28-29: First World Bloggers Conference, Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
10/24-25: Access’ Silicon Valley Human Rights Summit
10/14: Bioneers, San Rafael, CA
10/13: Keynote, Humanities and Technology Association Conference, Bowie State University, Maryland
10/10: European Neighborhood Journalism Network – Media Futures: Policy, Politics and Power, Brussels
9/8: M100 Sanssouci Colloquium, Potsdam, Germany
9/10-12: Open Video Conference, NYC
7/17-22: International School on Digital Transformation, Porto
7/13: American Constitution Society for Law & Policy luncheon, 12-1:30pm, San Francisco
6/15: CFP 2011 (video), Washington, DC
6/11: ADC Convention: Social Networking in a Changing Media (video), Washington DC
6/6-7: Personal Democracy Forum, NYC (video)
5/25: mesh, Toronto
4/17: re: campaign keynote, Berlin
4/15: re:publica 2011, Berlin
4/10: National Conference for Media Reform, Boston
4/3: Lesley University/Open Media Boston: Digital Media and Popular Uprisings (audio), Cambridge, MA
3/11: SXSW, Austin, TX
2/11: Egypt and Beyond: What is happening on the ground and what comes next, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA
2/11: Access Symposium: The Middle East, the Revolution, the Internet
2/11: Northwestern University
2/11: Harvard Law School
1/11: Harvard Kennedy School


10/10: Google Internet at Liberty, Budapest
5/10: Global Voices Summit, Santiago, Chile
5/10: Al Jazeera Unplugged (video), Doha, Qatar

12/09: Arabloggers Workshop, Beirut
9/09: Middle East Librarians’ Association Annual Conference, Boston
6/09: AEJMC, Boston