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Gas Prices Crises Don’t Bother Me

I have a car, sort of. I have a car that belongs to my father, but could belong to me the day I decide I want it to. I “borrow” the car when necessary, which is rarely, and I use it for the occasional drive to visit friends, or if I don’t want to take the bus back to Boston, or it’s looking like a beach week.

This is in sharp contrast, of course, to the last time I lived in the States (back when gas was in the $2 range); then, I drove daily to work, hundreds of miles on the weekends, and on a significantly smaller salary than I make now.

If I were to drive now the way I did then, I’d be spending well over $100 a week on gas. My current driving habits cost me less than $15, and I buy a monthly subway pass for $59. And I walk a lot. And I make, literally, 400% more money than I did in 2005 (but if you knew what I did in 2005, that wouldn’t seem like oh-so-much money).

So no, I’m not particularly affected by this crisis, and if you live in a big city, you shouldn’t be either.

50 Cent in Morocco – WTF

This is disturbing. Rapper 50 Cent spent some time in Morocco, that much I was aware of.  And then this photo (below) surfaced, leading me to have perhaps an ounce of respect for the man – he’s clearly lunching in an average Moroccan home (if the Sidi Ali didn’t tip you off, I don’t know what would). 

But then he has to go and say ignorant shit like this:

Some of my experiences while filming in Morocco really stuck with me. When you think of Morocco, you think of belly dancers and s**t, but it wasn’t anything like that. The area we were in was war-torn. I took a lot of photos, and I ended up giving them to the (video game) developers

Really, fiddy? You think of belly dancers when you think of Morocco? Okay, I suppose that on the ignorance scale, that’s only about a five, but what’s up with Morocco as “war-torn?” I mean, aside from the Western Sahara (and I highly, highly doubt they’d let 50 Cent film a movie there), the last war in Morocco was in the ’60s, and there are certainly no blatantly war-torn areas of the country!

Perhaps it was a war set left over from Black Hawk Down and 50 was just too stupid to realize it?

We Beat LA!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how incredibly awesome last night’s game was.  The Celtics beat the Lakers by THIRTY-NINE points, if you’re not keeping track.

After taking some obligatory photographs near the Garden, we tried to get in to several bars along Canal Street.  When we realized that wouldn’t be happening (Mayor Menino had apparently warned bar owners not to go over capacity, lest they face heavy penalties), we headed toward the North End and ended up watching from the venerable Cafe Paradiso on Hanover Street.

We finished the night by rallying on Canal St. for a bit until bottles began to be broken – that’s when I hit the Green Line and busted out of there.  Tomorrow brings a parade and rally – can’t wait.

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