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Blog Strike for Mohammed Erraji

On Monday, September 15, this blog will be on strike in support of Mohammed Erraji. Erraji was arrested, detained, tried without a lawyer, and immediately sentenced to two years in prison (and fined for about $625) for the ridiculous offense of “insulting the king” in Arabic-language e-zine Hespress.

The good news this morning is that Erraji has been released on bail and offered a re-trial. We will not stand for more injustice. Erraji’s “crime” is one that is often committed by other, more prestigious journalists, but goes unnoticed. Most of all, he deserves a fair consideration of his offense.

Original notice in French from Ibn Kafka:

Comme la mobilisation paie, et pour ceux d’entre vous qui souhaitent manifester leur solidarité avec l’ex-prisonnier (?) d’opinion et bloggeur Mohamed Erraji, remis en liberté provisioire mais pas encore acquitté, quelques bloggeurs marocains proposent d’augmenter la pression en faisant la grève des blogs ce lundi 15 septembre. Ceux et celles qui souhaitent se joindre à ce mouvement pourraient alors indiquer le motif de leur grève, notamment en rappelant les faits, et indiquer un lien vers le site ainsi que le blog du comité de soutien de Mohamed Erraji.


As our mobilization is paying off, and for those of you who wish to express their solidarity with the ex-prisoner (?) of opinion and blogger Mohamed Erraji, released provisionally but not yet absolved, a few Moroccan bloggers propose to increase pressure with a blog strike this Monday, September 15. Those who wish to join this movement could indicate the reason for their strike, including recalling the facts, and providing a link to the site and the blog of the support committee for Mohamed Erraji.

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