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New York. I’ve been longing to live there since before I’d ever really been, and especially since college (which I attended in upstate New York and thus traveled to the city quite often). But as I mentioned to friends over brunch Sunday, I know that if I ever move there, I’ll never leave, and so keep putting it off.

I love the grunge, the colors, the concrete. I love the juxtaposition of new and old, foreign and familiar, colorful and drab. I love the smells, the sounds, the people.

I love how it’s the only place in the US where you can find certain things: $5 scarves, knockoff Prada, Hofbrauhaus beer.  Squid on the sidewalk.

I love how there are so many tourist shops, which sell absolutely everything, as evidenced from this photo:

I love the whimsy.  Grabauskas could take a cue from whomever is running the MTA.

Of course, I didn’t just go to New York for the first time in two years for no reason at all.  I went to see this people:

And these amazingly lifelike dinosaurs:

And enjoyed myself immensely.

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  1. yey! New York! Dinos!! woohooooo!

  2. You brought tears to my eyes, Jillian. I miss the city, and the Bronx, and Queens, and Brooklyn

  3. Thanks Ahmed,

    How long has it been since you’ve been there?


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